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Locksmith services prices

Our locksmith prices stay competitive on the market for professional locksmith services. We offer high-quality services for various types of locks and in all areas of London. Besides our daytime operating schedule, our locksmiths also operate on an evening schedule. For urgent cases, we also offer emergency locksmith services. Depending on the hour of operation and on the type of lock to be drilled or picked, our locksmith prices vary.

Call us anytime to discuss the type of lock you need to get access to and any additional services needed and we will provide you with a free quote. All prices include VAT. Installation services with a new lock and keyset are often included for free in the package. For Mortice locks, standard Rim locks and Euro Cylinder locks, package locksmith prices vary from £79 to £89 pounds and include fitting new door locks for free. However, depending on the type of lock, an additional fee can be charged for fitting certain locks. To give you an estimate of locksmith prices for additional services like these, the fee to fit a new Nightlatch is £20.

Our locksmith prices range from £59, for Rim lock packages, to £89, for Standard Mortice locks. See our detailed price offers for different lock profiles. While prices for our most required locksmith services are standardized, we can also estimate a price for your particular needs. We guarantee the most satisfying locksmith prices in London for the value of the services we offer. We have a no fix no fee policy and we are fully insured, so a 12-month warranty on all workmanship is included for all our locksmith services.

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