London Locksmith Company

London key service

If you need key service in London to change your keys and lock or make duplicates, call us now for a registered locksmith from the London Locksmith Company. We are open 24/7 for any key service, so you can change your key set anytime and anywhere in London.

Call us to receive a quote, which will differ depending on the type of lock you need replaced or on the type of keys you need to duplicate. Our highly experienced locksmith will get there fast to remove you lock and set up a new lock.

We offer key service for rim locks, Euro Cylinder locks, Mortice locks and more. We can copy your keys in as many duplicates as you want. You can choose to replace the lock with the same type of lock or to upgrade your lock and keys to a more secure type. If your keys are damaged and you do not want to replace the lock and key set, we can assess if the key can still be fixed and duplicated to offer you that service without changing the key set.

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