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Mortice Lock Fitting

Mortice locks or Chubb locks require to be fitted into a hole cut into the door. If you need a new mortice lock installed to your door, call us to discuss the details and we’ll send over one of our certified locksmiths equipped with a new Mortice lock that will fit into your door.

Here’s what we need to know from you when you call us:

How big is the mortise? The mortise is the hole cut into your door. This will be the pocket for the mortice lock to be installed, so we need to know the size of this pocket to bring a new lock that will fit perfectly to your door.

Do you require a sashlock or a deadlock? There are two standard types of mortice locks. A sashlock can be locked not only with a key, but also operate as a latch, meaning you can lock your door using just the door handle. A deadlock can be opened with a key or by turning a knob, but the mechanism through which a deadlock is opened works differently from spring bolts. Usually, deadlocks are more resistant to lock-picking attempts than a sashlock.

Call us at 020 7043 1115 and we’ll help you take measurements of your mortise and decide what kind of mortice lock is the right one for your door.

The London Locksmith company is available 24 hours for Mortice lock fitting at residential and commercial properties in these areas of London. Have a look at our price for the standard service package of fitting a Mortice lock.

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